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Write Like A Madman University is the most complete, original, online Copywriting,
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Write Like A Madman (And Make Money Like Crazy) is Alan Tarr’s acclaimed 13-Video, 31-piece Copywriting, Branding, and Strategy Course
Radical WebPower, the first real change in website science since the stone age. This 10-piece multi-media game-changer will show you, step-by-step, how to structure and craft websites to generate more clicks, conversions, and customers.

The University offers 5 Courses, 3 Tutorial packages, and 7 Toolboxes (Over 330 Items)

You learn faster thanks to crisp, clear, concise, writing by Master Copywriter Alan Tarr, supported by over 410 Illustrations, Charts, Case Studies, and Real-World Examples that bring the facts to life. Now that’s Copywriting Know-How!
Rated 4.91/5 (106 Reviews) by seminar participants and WLAM U enrollees.

Who Profits From Write Like A Madman University?

Budding and mid-level Copywriters interested in discovering how to apply the Techniques and Secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters.
Writers, Aspiring Writers – Or anyone who loves to write and wants to make freelancing income.

Coaches, Advisors, and Web Designers who want to elevate their skills to better help their clients succeed.

Anyone looking for one of the Greatest Side Gigs on Earth.




This site is dedicated to people who love to write and have a hunger to raise their skill and income level. People I admire. I love your Courage, your Knowledge, and your Passion. Write Like A Madman University (WLAM U) is my way of helping you achieve success.

WLAM U is your personal How-To resource to learn the Techniques, Strategies, And Secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters. Improve results for websites, landing pages, ads, emails, reports, and much more. All courses, tutorials and toolboxes are original content, written or edited by me, and not available elsewhere. My dream is for all of you, everywhere, to “learn and prosper”.

My Story

My name is Alan Tarr, Founder and Chief Content Officer of Write Like A Madman, and I to write.

I’ve written jingles, jokes for TV (Merv Griffin Show), song parodies for MAD Magazine (another tie-in to the “Madman” title), and even wrote and published four songs of my own. Mostly though, I’ve spent over 30 years writing dynamic copy for clients large and small. I was trained at a top-five Madison Avenue ad agency and authored four books on copywriting, branding, and marketing.

One day it hit me…I was making other people millions but being paid peanuts. Right then and there, I started working for myself, first as a freelance copywriter, and then as a small business owner. Since that time, I founded and marketed four businesses of my own. Happily, and successfully.

Since 2002, I’ve worked with or trained over 3,000 budding copywriters and business owners in the Techniques and Secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters.  I never thought anything could be better than my in-person seminars...but I was wrong.

I gave a series of nine seminars and workshops.  To get the best value, folks had to attend most of them.  That was impractical.  So, when the pandemic canceled all in-person events for over a year, it was time to reevaluate.

A Revelation

What if...I could redo all my materials into courses, tutorials, and toolboxes specifically designed for efficient online learning?  Then, everything I presented in those workshops - and more - would be available to copywriters and entrepreneurs 24/7/365.

A monumental task!  I worked night and day for 14 months straight to get to a point where all my multi-media presentations were updated and organized into 5 Courses, 3 Tutorials, and 7 Toolboxes.  Everything.  Videos, Audios, Guides, Check Lists, Templates, Case Studies and Tips.  Over 330 individual items...including a goodly number of brand-new pieces.  And now (whew!) it's finally here for you in Write Like A Madman University.

Lessons I learned from the masters and perfected ovet 30+ years. I'm so lucky to be able to share my expertise and love of copywriting, website content, and strategy, with you - my brothers and sisters in copywriting.


P.S. - I'm still at it...writing copy for select very own Side Gig.  I recently did a job that took about three weeks...maybe 40 hours.  My fee...almost $9,000.  With WLAM U training, this could be your future.



What Our Subscribers Say

Because Ideas And Talent Are Not Bound By Geography,
Timed To A Clock, Nor Hemmed In By Walls

Is Write Like A Madman University Right For Me?
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Watch the first video session of my Signature Course, Free

This is the first of 13 Video Sessions of my Signature
Copywriting and Strategy Course, Write Like A Madman
(And Make Money Like Crazy)

Who Can Be A Copywriter?

Virtually anyone – with the right training
Writers, aspiring writers or anyone who loves to write and wants to make freelancing income
Folks whose job doesn’t make them happy or fulfilled

Those between jobs, in college, or retired

People who like the idea of being their own boss
Individuals for whom working remotely is a lifestyle choice

Freelance Copywriter Facts:

Are 52% female; 48% male
68% have college degrees
Come from every generation
Earn an average of $81,748/year (Source: Glassdoor)
Are optimistic about the future

60% don’t want a traditional job (Source: Glassdoor)


You Will Learn How To:

Apply the Techniques and Secrets of the World’s Best Copywriters
Create Powerful and Compelling Marketing Messages
Set forth a Value Proposition that brings buyers
Craft Winning Headlines and Tag Lines
Write Dynamic and Memorable Conversion Copy
Write Max Impact Emails that Get Opened, Get Read, and Get Results
Structure your Logical Thought Sequence the professional way
Evaluate, revitalize, and add Power to websites and landing pages
Design and Write World-Class Websites designed to generate Clicks, Conversions and Customers
…and a whole lot more


Sounds Great...But What's It Cost?

OK…this is where loads of marketers try to impress you with the “Incredible” Value you’re getting (here’s a dirty little secret, incredible means “not to be believed”). “A $22,458 value, for only $2995.” Or “A $39,550 value for only $3997”. Who really believes any of this? I prefer to deal in Real Value.

For instance, I hold two-day workshops in Write Like A Madman (And Make Money Like Crazy). Private sessions are $2,900; Group sessions are $1750. And…that doesn’t include my second Signature Course, Radical WebPower.

I put a lifetime of training, research, practical experience, and over 330 pieces of all-original content into WLAM U because it’s my passion. And because it can make you a Darn Good Copywriter in just a few weeks.

Then, if you wish, you’ll be ready to take your Proficiency and Writing Test for Certification.

And remember, I'm just an email away if you have any questions or need some personal assistance or mentoring.

How Do I Get Started?

Pick the plan that best suits your needs. And remember…it’s a lifetime enrollment paid in 12 easy, interest-free installments.  Plus, you get my personal, 100% satisfaction, 30-day money back guarantee.  So really, what have you got to lose?

To Get Master Copywriter:
To Get Master Marketer:
To Get The Whole Enchilada:

Learn and Prosper,

Alan Tarr
Founder and Chief Content Officer


PS– Will Write Like A Madman University help make you a Darn Good Copywriter capable of earning real money as a freelancer or full-time career?  I believe it absolutely will.  With WLAM U training and Certification, you can easily earn many times the lifetime cost of the University programs.